Next level personalization for your website or app

Use Anty to personalise your site and make smart recommendations to your customers. This will increase engagement and CTR on your website, driving revenue up and keeping customers happy.

Improve recommendations and increase revenue by 15%

Increase personalisation and CTR

Using smart recommendations, we can increase the time customers stay on your website or app

Recommendations in real time

Anty learns with every interaction on your site. Recommendations are super fast

Understand your customers better

By understanding your customer’s needs, you can automatically recommend products to buy

Increase customer spending

Recommend the right products and increase basket size

Product recommendations

Increase engagement and customer satisfaction. Let our recommendation engine learn from user interactions with your products and watch the magic happen as customers use more and more in your website or app.

Search recommendations

Stop losing customers because they couldn’t find the products you actually have.

Website and product analytics

Get analytics for your website. Learn how successful recommendations are, what products are trending, get insights on what your customers are searching for, what they struggle to find, and how you can improve their overall search and shopping experience.

How Anty works

Setup Anty in four easy steps and start getting recommendations in real-time

Register your app

Use our API and connect your app and catalogue.

Send user interactions

Send user interactions like page views, purchases and more in real time

Get recommendations

Ask for customised item recommendations for your users

Analyse insights

Analyse user behaviour and learn your user segments

Choose your plan


Managed service



Reach the next level personalisation

AI-powered recommendations as a service with Product, Content, and Search recommendations using intuitive RESTful API.