AI doesn’t have to be so hard. Run models in the cloud at scale.

We host models for you in the cloud, so you can just focus on your application. We provide all the necessary tooling for production ready apps.

Language models

We host all state-of-the-art language models like LlaMA, Falcon, 

Create AI-powered apps in minutes

Whether for internal team use or external release, you can deploy your application in as fast as 5 minutes. You don’t have to learn embedding techniques anymore, saving you weeks of development time.

Integrations with many data sources

Connect data sources like S3, Google drive, Rest APIs and more. We manage all the hard parts for you.

Product recommendations

Increase engagement and customer satisfaction. Let our recommendation engine learn from user interactions with your products and watch the magic happen as customers use more and more in your website or app.

Search recommendations

Stop losing customers because they couldn’t find the products you actually have.

Website and product analytics

Get analytics for your website. Learn how successful recommendations are, what products are trending, get insights on what your customers are searching for, what they struggle to find, and how you can improve their overall search and shopping experience.

Use cases

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Customer Service

Assistants can handle basic customer inquiries, such as tracking orders, checking account balances, and answering frequently asked questions.

Sales & Marketing

Assistants can assist with lead generation, product recommendations, and personalized promotions.


Assistants can help customers navigate online stores, make purchases, and provide order updates.


Assistants can provide patients with information about symptoms, medications, and treatments, and connect them with healthcare providers.

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Managed service




Reach the next level personalisation

AI-powered recommendations as a service with Product, Content, and Search recommendations using intuitive RESTful API.