The full-stack LLM platform

Squaredev’s platform gives developers the frameworks, workflows, and infrastructure to build safe and robust AI applications.


Embed your data to enhance the knowledge of LLMs and control their answers. Build semantic search functionality, enhanced by Language Models. Edit your embeddings with the built-in editor.


Fine-tune models to create your private LLMs. Once a model has been fine-tuned, you won’t need to provide as many examples in the prompt. Save costs and enables lower-latency requests.

Language models

Connect to the state-of-the-art models like Open AI’s GPT-4, Google’s Bard, Anthropic’s Claude, Meta’s LLaMa. Fine-tune them or use retrieval to suit your use case.



Analyse logs, understand responses and usag. Easily optimize your applications, without extra tooling or code and find ways to improve responses.. Manage costs and improve performance.

Use cases

Large language models are transforming software and industries but they can be hard to control, make reliable and pair with your private data.

Virtual Assistants

Develop intelligent virtual assistants capable of natural language understanding, responding to user queries and personalising their experience.

Text Classification

Employ large language models for automated text categorization, enhancing content organization, moderation, and data-driven insights through efficient classification.

AI Task Automation

Utilize these models to automate text-related tasks, transforming content classification into a seamless process that boosts productivity and informed decision-making.

Semantic text search

Use semantic embeddings instead of keywords and works best with short texts. With Squaredev, you can build semantic search and autocomplete on your application in minutes.

Text and attribute extraction

Extract meaningful patterns from your documents. Analyse the similarities and differences of your data without writing a line of code. Find similar customers, group related text, or find hidden patterns with just a few clicks.

Chat with your data

Manage your chat application’s ability to understand the current context of a conversation (short-term memory) and retrieve information that is out of context (long term memory).

Explore the Squaredev way

Everything you need to build AI in your applications. All you have to do is imagine the end result.

Squaredev provides the tools to build it.



Squaredev provides two ways to fine-tune your models. Either fine-tune an existing model or use retrieval augmentation with your existing unstructured data. Upload your dataset and use our embedding engine for retrieval augmentation or fine-tune a model to create your own LLM.


Upload through UI or SDK. Edit your embeddings in real time.

Fine-tune open source or proprietary models.

Create your private LLMs through fine-tuning.


Ship with confidence in just a couple lines of code with our carefully designed SDK. Use the Squaredev SDK to create your agents and pipelines, combining your embeddings, prompts, memory and more in a single line of code.


Get built in memory for your agents and provide the best user experience.

Utilise automatic caching for faster responses and save costs.

Use state-of-the-art LLMs (open source, proprietary and your own).


Squaredev platform offers first-party monitoring and observability. Analyse logs, understand responses and usage, and easily optimize your applications in real time, without extra tooling or code.


Monitor your cost in a unified platform.

Monitor responses and fix bottlenecks, hallucinations and wrong answers.

Fine-tune models as you progress to increase performance. 

Get started for free

Gain access to the best developer experience for building with LLMs. We strive to create the best generative AI platform for developers. Our team is ready to support you at any stage.

On-premise deployment

Our platform is designed with data security in mind. To keep our customers' peace of mind, we offer an on-premise version that ensures data stays in your cloud.