Improve recommendations and increase revenue by 10%

Next level personalization for your website or app using the power of generative AI

Use your app data and products as the context for AI recommendations

Integrate your application as the context for your AI. We automatically manage all the rest, so your users can have a personalised experience.

Create AI-powered apps in minutes

Configure where our platform can find your products, integrate your app through our API and you’re good to go.

Integrations with many data sources

Connect data sources like S3, Google drive, Rest APIs and more. We manage all the hard parts for you.

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  • Stop losing customers because they couldn’t find the products you actually have.
  • Speed up a customers’ journey to desired products with autocomplete and provide instant feedback to their queries. Autocomplete shows the search results as you type. It’s important that it reacts from the very first keystroke, giving the visitor an easier way to search.

Website & product analytics

  • Get analytics for your website. Learn how successful recommendations are, what products are trending get insights on what your customers are searching for, what they struggle to find, and how you can improve their overall search and shopping experience.
  • Learn more about your customer segment and adapt to the market for better conversions.

Monitor your models at the edge

Get alerts or trigger webhooks when something is off track.

How product recommendations works

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Increase engagement

Let our recommendation engine learn from user interactions with your products and watch magic happen as customers use more and more in your website or app. Increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

Offers for customers

Offer your customers relevant recommendations based on their preferences or similarity with previously seen products. Don’t let your customers leave your e-shop frustrated. Instead, offer alternatives to sold-out or unavailable products.

Raise your average

Raise your average order value by recommending products that are relevant to those already added to their shopping cart. Help your customers choose by recommending the most popular products in your e-shop.


Keep the promise of AI

With Whitebox, we strive to help fulfil the promise of AI, by keeping AI systems from failing. Join us in this journey, to make AI trustworthy by making it explainable and observable.

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