Improve and explain your ML models

Monitor all your models in one place, spot performance degradation, detect drifting in data and models, and prevent your AI systems from failing.

Why you need an end-to-end observability platform

Focus on what's important

Leave the hustle of model monitoring behind and focus on building and deploying amazing AI systems.

Deliver trustworthy AI

Explain the “why” behind your model’s decisions, deploy with confidence and and gain your end-users trust.

Μonitor your model's performance

Monitor the performance of your model and get actionable insights on how to improve it.

Detect drifting in data and concept

Detect data drifting and model concept drifting and react before the problem affects production.

Monitor your models at the edge

Get alerts or trigger webhooks when something is off track.

How Whitebox works

Setup Whitebox in four easy steps and start collecting metrics for your models in hours.

Install SDK

Install SDK to your production ML model and start sending data.

Get metrics

ML model metrics are calculated in real-time and are visible in the dashboard.

Set up monitors

Set up monitors on specific metrics with thresholds.

Receive alerts

When a metric threshold is violated, you will receive an alert to help you debug the issue.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Plug-n-play e2e ML monitoring that adapts to your needs

Open source

Best for small teams, individuals and researchers.



For teams who manage large traffic ML applications.

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Keep the promise of AI

With Whitebox, we strive to help fulfil the promise of AI, by keeping AI systems from failing. Join us in this journey, to make AI trustworthy by making it explainable and observable.

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