Embeddings are the new storage layer of the smart web

Squaredev Embeddings Engine allows you to enable Generative AI for your organisation without having to worry about vectors, scale, or prior AI knowledge. Unlock the value of AI  via a simple API that abstracts embeddings creation, storage, and features like RAG, semantic search, recommendations and image-to-image search and more.


Create and store embeddings

Using Squaredev embeddings engine API, you can easily create and store embeddings. The embeddings engine abstracts all the complexities of embeddings models. You no longer need outside integrations and managing vectors on your own. Embeddings engine takes care of all of that via a simple API.

Easily create embeddings using state of the art open source models. We take care of managing every AI related detail so you only have use our API and not worry about vectors, algorithms and everything hard related to generative AI applications.

Enable Gen AI features

Using embeddings, you can easily enable Generative AI features for your applications.

Embed your documents to enable semantic search. This way you can search a vast amount of information in a semantic way as well as filters. Semantic search is also very important for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). LLMs can search your content dynamically and answer questions on the fly based on your data.

Image-to-image search is another feature you can easily create using Squaredev embedding engine. Embed your images thorough our API and easily search for similar images with another call. Enable features like “search for similar items” in ecommerce, of face identification for security first apps.


Simple and open, APIs and SDKs

Intuitive REST API and growing number of SDKs make working with Squaredev a breeze for any kind of developers. 

We are committed to providing our AI tooling as open source code so that everyone can easily get started, modify or collaborate with us to create better solutions. We consider AI to be one of the most important technologies of our time. Our part in it is to provide tooling to make AI accessible to everyone.


Fully managed platform
or open source

Fully managed

Squaredev embeddings engine can be used from our platform or through open source. Launch, use, and scale your AI solution without needing to maintain infrastructure, monitor services, or troubleshoot algorithms.

Simple API

Our API is designed to abstract all algorithms needed to create and analyse embeddings, focusing on features, scale and performance. Get up and running with a couple of API calls and never worry about scale.

Predictable costs

Start for free using open source and seamlessly scale usage when needed on our platform or self-hosting. Pricing is totally transparent and predictable. Easily view and monitor usage within the console.

Get started

Gain access to the best developer experience for building with LLMs. We strive to create the best generative AI platform for developers. Our team is ready to support you at any stage.

On-premise deployment

Our platform is designed with data security in mind. To keep our customers' peace of mind, we offer an on-premise version that ensures data stays in your cloud.