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Rigorously working on AI research and development to safely put artificial intelligence in our laves in a safe and productive manner.


AI Platform

Introducing SquareDev AI Platform.
Simple APIs for connecting your data to large language models.



Our work

We develop and research large-scale AI systems so that we can study how they can be used in production so solve real world problems. Our focus areas include language models, image understanding, scaling AI systems to production, explainability and more.

We are working with governments, large public and private institutes and researchers to bring cutting edge systems to production, while always placing safety first.

AI Platform

Connect your data

Easily connect your application data through an API. Embeddings are stored and managed automatically.


Chat with LLMs

Use retrieval augmented generation to create context aware agents using state of the art LLMs.


Monitor and evaluate

Evaluate your RAG pipelines and agents. Measure performance for any use-case. Capture user feedback.

Work with a team of experts

We are a highly committed team, building efficient, scalable and innovative AI systems. If you are looking to augment your systems with AI we are happy to talk and showcase our expertise.

Get started

Gain access to the best developer experience for building with LLMs. We strive to create the best generative AI platform for developers. Our team is ready to support you at any stage.

On-premise deployment

Our platform is designed with data security in mind. To keep our customers' peace of mind, we offer an on-premise version that ensures data stays in your cloud.